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WinPersonalizer - Frequently Asked Questions


Why don’t the icons on the XP Classic start menu change?
Unfortunately when in Classic mode the XP start menu uses fixed copies of icons rather than the main sources, and so we cannot modify them.


There is no transition after adding images, why?
Be sure to add two or more wallpapers to WinPersonalizer.
If you select "0" in Duration of transition of Options dialog box, there is no action.
This function is only applicable for Windows systems. There is no action in Win 95 or Win NT 4.0 because both two don't support active desktop.

Logon Screens

My computer freezes at the welcome screen,how to solve it?

Applying Logon Screens can be dangerous if the author did not test the Logon code well. Sometimes the logon will freeze. If this happens, please reboot your computer. When you get to the logon screen that froze hit Ctrl+Alt+Del twice or three times to get to the normal logon screen. If this does not work, then reboot again and hit F8 when the boot screen choice is presented. Then go into safe mode. Run WinPersonalizer and set the Logon Screen back to XP Default.

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